There are many benefits of the exclusive StayStyled  Pillow Slip including:

  • StayStyled  allows your hair style to last longer eg. formal style, blow wave or curls
  • your skin will breathe better
  • reduces bunching and creasing of hair and skin
  • reduces breakage and hair loss – no more handfuls of hair on the slip in the morning
  • perfect for travelers who want to maintain hair style and make-up
  • recommended for use the night of a colour service, to reduce friction to the cuticle layer.

Colours available: Satin Silver, Satin White.
size is standard pillow size.
StayStyled is machine washable.

Single price $15 (AUD) plus postage or call / email for quantities and prices.
Phone: 0425 843 256 or email contact@satinpillowslips.com.au
StayStyled is a wholly owned subsidiary of: